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Objection Free Selling stop

Interactive Web-Based Training

The knowledge, skills, and strategies taught in the book are now available in this website for those who prefer to learn online.

15 interactive courses:

  1. Objection Preventing
  2. Objection Responding
  3. Profile and Qualify Prospects
  4. Competitor Analysis
  5. Research Prospects
  6. Features, Advantages, and Benefits (FAB)
  7. FAB/TEA Formula
  8. Benefit Question
  9. Block Competition Between Calls
  10. Value Improvement Proposition
  11. Trust & Rapport Building
  12. Active Listening Skills
  13. Defusing Anger
  14. Telephone Cold Call
  15. Voice Mail Strategies

Certified Sales Specialist designation: Successful completion (70% or better on the end-of-course tests) leads to "Sales Specialist" certificate awarded by Sales Training International.

See "Course Descriptions" for more information about each course.

Support Materials (included in the tuition)

Forms Pack Support Materials in MS Word:

  • Competitor Analysis Form
  • Objections Handling Form
  • USP FAB/TEA Research Question Guide
  • Customer Value Proposition & Presentation
  • Triplicate of Choice Closing Strategy
  • Balance Sheet Closing Strategy
  • Master Strategic Sales Plan – Step Based Closing Strategy
  • Telephone Cold Call Script Writing Guide
  • Voice Mail Strategies Guide

Sales Manager and Sales Coach Support Materials (PDF):

  • Priority Prospect Project (P3) Strategy Session Manual
  • P3 Two Page Instruction Guide
  • Coaching Guide
  • Brainstorming Guide
  • Consensus Building Guide
  • Flashcard Learning Contest Guide
  • Sales Manager’s Guide
  • Company-wide Rollout Plan

Other Support Materials:

  • 85 Most Common Sales Stopping Objections with Prevention and Response Strategies
  • 39 Closing Strategies
  • 15 Clues an Account is in Trouble
  • 9 Ways to Reassure the Customer
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